About Lyndall

Lyndall's love for creating her own food from the ground up, which encompasses her remarkable journey into cheese making, began more than four decades ago. After establishing and successfully running the Cheesemaking Workshop & Deli for 12 years, she has now embarked on an exciting rebranding venture. With an illustrious career as an internationally published author and a respected figure in the industry, Lyndall has made significant contributions both at the national and international levels. Over the course of her life, Lyndall has honed her expertise in home cheese making, deriving vast knowledge from her personal experiences crafting delectable cheeses. She has imparted this skill to countless individuals, touching the lives of hundreds through her teachings. Lyndall's commitment to sharing her passion has taken her on extensive journeys, as she travels far and wide, imparting the art of home cheese making to eager enthusiasts.

Collaborating with esteemed institutions such as the Queensland College of Wine Tourism, University of Southern Queensland, Community Colleges, and many schools, Lyndall has made valuable contributions to the culinary community. Her expertise has been showcased through numerous guest appearances at various food events in New South Wales (NSW) and Queensland (QLD). Her remarkable journey has been highlighted on esteemed platforms such as Taste of Australia with Hayden Quinn, Sydney Weekender, The Today Show, ABC National, Studio 10, as well as in several newspapers and radio stations. In 2019, Lyndall embarked on a transformative experience, traveling to France and Italy, where she had the incredible opportunity to interact and connect with renowned figures in the cheese world, truly immersing herself in their expertise. Lyndall's classes have earned great acclaim, loved by attendees for their relaxed yet informative nature. Participants greatly appreciate the wealth of knowledge and insights she imparts, creating a dynamic learning experience.

A platter of mixed foods, dips and cheeses on a table with people reaching in for food.

Her awards include:

  • Destinations NSW “Tourism hero award” 2021
  • Destinations NSW 2018 “Excellence in food tourism”
  • Finalist in Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce
  • Sunny awards includes “Business Leader”, “Excellence in Tourism”, “Excellence in small business”
  • Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce 2017 winning Sunny awards includes “Business Leader”, “Excellence in Tourism”, “Excellence in small business”. Also in 2017 the NSW small business Champions award
  • Sunny Awards 2014 Finalist in Hospitality/Leisure and entertainment
  • Sunny Awards 2013, we received the Special Judges awards, finalist in the Sustainability award and finalist in Hospitality/Leisure and entertainment award
  • Sunny Awards 2012 Finalist for Excellence in Sustainability and People’s choice