A passion for all things food and living sustainably.

"The Artisan Cheese & Cooking School provides an ideal setting for family and friends to reconnect while immersing themselves in a relaxed atmosphere and acquiring new culinary skills. With ample time to savor the experience, it offers the perfect opportunity to learn, bond, and enjoy. Group bookings are warmly welcomed, making it an excellent choice for gatherings. Lyndall, the heart and soul of this establishment, is celebrated for her remarkable hospitality. Her expertise and dedication have earned her numerous accolades, including prestigious awards in food tourism and being hailed as a tourism hero. Lyndall's classes are designed with flexibility in mind, reflecting her can-do attitude and commitment to customer satisfaction. Renowned for her passion for creating delectable dishes from scratch, especially in the realm of artisanal cheese-making, Lyndall is a true connoisseur. Her expertise and dedication shine through, making every culinary venture an unforgettable experience."

Lyndall's Classes

Lyndall has a wide range of classes for you to attend and watch. Share in Lyndall's passion for food in her hands on personalized classes and video classes.

From blue to brie, gnocchi, pasta, burrata and cultured butter, Lyndall has a great range of classes, for you to learn the art of making your own food from scratch.

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A bit about the Artisan Cheese & Cooking School

Lyndall's passion for making food from scratch and living sustainably is renowned. She is excited to again be running classes and sharing her recipes at the Artisan Cheese and Cooking School.

Join Lyndall as she takes you on a journey of discovery from her extensive knowledge of cheese and cheese making.  Experiencing the flavours of foods from around the world and learn how to create them in your own home.

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Lyndall on 'Taste Of Australia' With Hayden Quinn

The Artisan Cheese & Cooking School m its delicious TV debut on "Taste of Australia" with the incredible Hayden Quinn. for a cheese-tastic adventure as we celebrate our love for all things cheese and share the enchantment of cheese-making.

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